Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Japan

Naioth that is translated as the dwelling place of prophets (1st Samuel 19:18-24), our congregation is an assembly of Christians filled by the Holy Spirit in this day and age.
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ከመከራ ባሻገር ያለ ከፍታ

Kemekera bashager yale kefita

ኢሳ 53:1-11 የብሉይ ኪዳኑ አዲስ ኪዳን

Isaiah 53: 1-11 The Bridge between the Old and the New Testament

ፊሊ 4:12-21 ተሸላሚው አንተ እና አንቺ ሁኑ

Ph. 4:12-21 Be the one who the takes the prize

በጎ ህሌና

A good conscience

እኔ ዮሴፍ ነኝ (ራዕይ እና ፈተናው)

I am Joseph - A Visionary's vision and trials

እንዴት ልረጋጋ?

How can I be at ease?

እኔ አሻግራችኋለሁ

I will see you through

ደስታን መጠበቅ

Keeping our joy

ደሰታን ማሰንበቻው መድሃኒት ተገኘ /ፊሊ 1᎓4/

በክርስቶስ ያገኘነውን ደስታ እንዴት እናስጠብቅ